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On this page you can read a list of all other Ministry of Health websites, as well as inter-agency and joint initiative websites.


The HealthEd website provides a catalogue of free health resources from the Ministry of Health.

Health Workforce New Zealand

Health Workforce New Zealand’s role is to lead and co-ordinate the planning and development of New Zealand's health and disability workforce.

IT Health Board

The IT Health Board provides leadership on the implementation and use of information systems across the health and disability sector. It is a sub-committee of the National Health Board.


LearnOnline is a vocational training resource hub for New Zealand’s community of health practitioners.

The Journal

The Journal is a website to help New Zealanders recognise and understand depression.

The Lowdown

The Lowdown is a website to help young New Zealanders understand and deal with depression.


Medsafe is the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority. It is responsible for the regulation of therapeutic products in New Zealand.

National Health Board

The National Health Board’s role is is to overcome the challenges facing the health system and improve the quality, safety and sustainability of health care for New Zealanders.

National Health Committee (NHC)

The National Health Committee is an independent statutory body which provides advice to the Minister of Health. It was reformed in 2011 to establish evaluation systems that would provide the New Zealand people and health sector with greater value for the money invested in health.

National Screening Unit

The National Screening Unit provides health screening programmes in New Zealand. It is responsible for the safety, effectiveness and quality of health and disability screening programmes.

Nationwide Service Framework Library (NSFL)

The Nationwide Service Framework Library (NSFL) is a collection of accountability documents, financial templates and resources, definitions, processes and guidelines for District Health Boards and the Ministry of Health that provide a framework for a nationwide consistent approach to the funding, monitoring and analysis of health services.

Inter-agency and joint initiative websites

The Ministry of Health contributes to a number of websites that are joint projects with other organisations and government departments.

Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Authority

The Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Authority is a joint regulatory scheme established by the Australian and New Zealand governments for therapeutic products. The scheme will regulate medicines (including complementary medicines) and medical devices and is expected to come into force on the passage of legislation and ratification of the treaty.

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening is a website for the Ministerial Inquiry into the under-reporting of cervical smear abnormalities in the Gisborne region.


DrugHelp is a drug information and web help resource for people who are concerned about the amount of drugs they are taking and people who are concerned about a drug user.

Health and Disability NGO Council and Network

Health and disability non-government organisations (NGOs) and the Ministry of Health are working together to build a stronger relationship. The Health and Disability NGO Council is elected by the health and disability NGO sector, and works with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders on issues of importance to the wider NGO sector.

Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre

Sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre (HIIRC) is a web-based resource that serves as a central repository of knowledge, innovation and learning to support the health and disability sector. HIIRC holds the latest New Zealand health publications, tools for best practice and information on health initiatives, with the option to provide input on all postings.

Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand

The Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand – Runanga Whakapiki ake i te Hauora o Aotearoa builds leadership, relationships and the workforce in health promotion consistent with the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Ottawa Charter. It is an Incorporated Society and a registered charity.

Health Promoting Schools

Health Promoting Schools is a settings-based approach to health promotion that was developed by the World Health Organization in the late 1980s and which has been running in New Zealand since 1991. The website includes research, case studies, resources and an online learning community.

National Ambulance Sector Office

The National Ambulance Sector Office (NASO) is a joint venture between ACC and the Ministry of Health that aims to foster a consistent, national direction for New Zealand’s ambulance services and coordinate funding from the main agencies that fund the ambulance sector.

National Drug Policy

The National Drug Policy aims to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders by encouraging the development of strategies and programmes that prevent and reduce drug-related harm. This website provides information about the inter-agency drug committee meetings, news on current policies, action plans, and publications.

Public Health www Networking Project

The Public Health www Networking Project promotes collaboration and networking across a range of public health sectors. It is a project of the Social and Health Outcomes, Research and Evaluation (SHORE) centre, Massey University, funded by the Ministry of Health.

Public Health Workforce Development

The Public Health Workforce Development website offers information and resources about public health and public health workforce development. It also offers insights about and opportunities in public health careers.

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families is a cross-sectoral, whole-of-government initiative that uses a structured process of government agencies and community organisations working to improve outcomes for vulnerable families. Both government and non-government/community organisations participate in Strengthening Families.

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  • The New Zealand Guidelines Group was an organisation set up to promote the use of evidence in the delivery of health and disability services. The NZGG went into voluntary liquidation in mid-2012. Read more
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