National Health Board

The National Health Board is at the heart of the Government’s programme of mutually reinforcing changes to the organisation of the health and disability system.

The National Health Board (NHB) has a board appointed by the Minister and a dedicated branded business unit that has combined a number of directorates and functions within the Ministry of Health.

The responsibilities of the NHB are:

  • funding, monitoring and planning of district health boards (DHBs), including annual planning and funding rounds
  • the planning and funding of designated national services, including DHB regional service planning and arbitration over regional disputes
  • stronger alignment of service, capital and capacity planning
  • strengthening and accelerating the linkages between IT, workforce and facilities capacity investment
  • supporting the Government initiative to reduce bureaucracy.

It has a fresh focus and approach to address the challenges we face and – along with the Capital Investment Committee, Health Workforce New Zealand and the IT Health Board – was established to improve the quality, safety and sustainability of health care for New Zealanders.

Led by

Michael Hundleby, Acting National Director, National Health Board

Capital Investment Committee

The Capital Investment Committee is important in driving better investment decisions in the health system. It is a sub-committee of the NHB, and replaces the National Capital Committee.

The Committee’s primary objective is planning and prioritisation for capital funding and investment in the health sector, along with advising on investment and infrastructure matters to support the Government’s service planning direction.

IT Health Board

Effective information and information technology solutions are essential to an effective health system. The IT Health Board provides strategic leadership on information systems across the sector, and ensures IT strategy is reflected in capital allocation and capacity planning.

The Board is a subcommittee of the NHB – its members are appointed by the Minister who they advise, and the Chair sits on the NHB.

It has two operating groups within the NHB Business Unit – one responsible for health information strategy and design – the other for operating infrastructure and systems, payment and funding, national collection and reporting systems, and access to information and coded data.

Health Workforce New Zealand

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) was set up in 2009 to provide national leadership on the development of the country’s health and disability workforce.

HWNZ has overall responsibility for planning and development of the health workforce, ensuring that staffing issues are aligned with planning on delivery of services and that New Zealand’s health care workforce is fit for purpose.

It combines many of the workforce development functions formerly undertaken by the Ministry of Health, and has assumed responsibility for the work of the Clinical Training Agency – now known as Investment Relationships and Purchasing.

The HWNZ Business Unit sits within the Ministry of Health, headed by a director who reports to the director of the National Health Board. The work of the unit is divided into three areas: intelligence and planning; investment relationships and purchasing; and workforce innovation programmes.

The Business Unit carries out the day to day work of HWNZ, which is directed by an independent board reporting directly to the Minister of Health. The board is headed by an Executive Chair and comprises senior clinicians and health sector leaders. The Executive Chair also sits on the NHB and the Capital Planning Committee.

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