Organ donor resources

Information for people thinking about live kidney donation or receiving a deceased donor's kidney.

Receiving a deceased donor’s kidney

For information about the deceased donor waiting list, getting on the list or receiving a kidney, read the pamphlet:

Donating a live organ

Live donor declaration form

Before being assessed for live kidney donation, people will be asked to complete the Donor declaration form.

Answering 'Yes' to any of the questions on the form does not rule someone out from being a live kidney donor, but may mean that they have to provide follow-up information or undergo additional testing:

Compensation for live donors

Go to Compensation for live donors to find out about the new Compensation for Live Organ Donors Act 2016 Act, when it comes into force, what transitional provisions are in place, and how compensation is assessed.

Travel and accommodation assistance

The Compensation for Live Organ Donors Act 2016 Act does not provide compensation to live donors for travel and accommodations costs associated with attending appointments pre- or post-surgery.

A new protocol for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs has been developed. It provides live donors with entitlements for reimbursement of the cost of travel and accommodation costs that are additional to the provisions of the existing National Travel Assistance (NTA) Policy. The protocol is in place now.

For more information about the new protocol and NTA Policy:

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