National Renal Transplant Service

The National Renal Transplant Service (NRTS) leads and implements an agreed work programme to improve the volume of donor kidney transplants in New Zealand.

In this section

  • The National Renal Transplant Service (NRTS) was established as a national service in September 2014 Read more
  • This page describes the purpose, structure and accountability of the National Renal Transplant Service. It gives a list of current Strategic and Operational Group members Read more
  • Meeting minutes of the National Renal Transplant Leadership Team Strategic and Operational Groups. Read more
  • The NRTS is implementing Quality Improvement Metrics along the Recipient and Live Donor Pathway Read more
  • Information on the Compensation for Live Donors Act, when it comes into effect, what transitional provisions are in place, and how compensation is assessed. Read more
  •  Information for people thinking about live kidney donation or receiving a deceased donor's kidney. Information for NTA coordinators on the protocol for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs. Read more
  • Papers and reports produced by the National Renal Transplant Service Read more
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